EdTech Situation Room Episode 18

Welcome to episode 18 of the EdTech Situation Room from August 3, 2016, where technology news meets educational analysis. This week Jason Neiffer (@techsavvyteach) and Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) discussed the impacts of cell phone availability for refugees in Greece, security and a new hack announced at the Black Hat Conference, millenial preferences for Microsoft Word over Google Docs for individual projects, the present and future of eBooks, the DNA revolution and DIY genomics. Geeks of the week included Paperpile (a software tool for research citations) and the @pfsense SG-2220 router. Follow us on Twitter @edtechSR to stay up to date on our live shows. If you listen to the show and especially if you like it, please reach out to us via Twitter and let us know! Check out our shownotes on https://edtechsr.com/links.


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  4. Jason Neiffer (@techsavvyteach)
  5. Wesley Fryer (@wfryer)
  6. SEEKING SHELTER With phones in hand, refugees stranded in Greece tap underground networks to find safe haven (CNet, 3 August 2016)
  7. New attack steals SSNs, e-mail addresses, and more from HTTPS pages (ArsTechnica, 3 August 2016) “Now, by simply visiting a website owned by a malicious party, you are placing your online security at risk”
  8. Teens spend a ‘mind-boggling’ 9 hours a day using media, report says (CNN, 3 Nov 2015) “54% of teens in houses making < $35,000 a yr have laptop in home vs 92% of teens in households making > $100,000”
  9. Millennials prefer Microsoft Word for individual work, Google Docs for collaborative work (Recode, 29 July 2016)
  10. Amazon Releases New Low-End Kindles/Review (CNet, 28 July 2016)
  11. 92% of college students prefer print books to e-books, study finds (LA Times, 8 February 2016]
  12. How the DNA Revolution Is Changing Us (National Geographic, August 2016)
  13. The Industries of the Future” by Alex Ross (@AlecJRoss)
  14. Wes’ STEM Innovation Twitter List (view this in Flipboard on a tablet!)
  15. How to Stream Live Google Hangouts on Air to YouTube (SocialMediaExaminer, 17 March 2015)
  16. Jason’s Geek of the Week: Paperpile, for Google Docs
  17. Wes’ Geek of the Week: @pfsense SG-2220
  18. onHub by Google

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