EdTech Situation Room Episode 17

Welcome to episode 17 of the EdTech Situation Room from July 27, 2016, where technology news meets educational analysis. This week Jason Neiffer (@techsavvyteach) and Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) discussed the implications of Verizon’s announced purchase of Yahoo, the continued viral phenomenon of Pokemon Go, recent “billions records” of Apple and Facebook, and SpaceX’s successful launch of a new door for the International Space Station. Geeks of the week included the ViewMaster VR Headset, the 360 degree video panorama live broadcast from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, a crowd-sourced list of educational apps and videos for Google Cardboard, and the amazing Prisma app available for iOS and Android. Please follow us on Twitter for updates on shows @edtechSR, and check out our shownotes on https://edtechsr.com/links.


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  4. Jason Neiffer (@techsavvyteach)
  5. Wesley Fryer (@wfryer)
  6. Verizon is buying Yahoo for $4.8 billion (CNN Money, 25 July 2016)
  7. Photos for Class
  8. Flickr Creative Commons Images
  9. iPad Media Camp Curriculum (@ipadmediacamp)
  10. Apple could make up to $3 billion from Pokemon Go (GSM Arena, 21 July 2016)
  11. Pokemon Gone: Nintendo shares dive as it reveals there’s no profit in this craze (Financial Review; 26 July 2016)
  12. Nintendo shares plummet after investors realize it doesn’t actually make Pokémon Go (The Verge, 25 July 2016)
  13. Facebook continues to thrive, closing in on 2 billion monthly users (The Verge; 27 July 2016)
  14. Apple’s billionth iPhone is a rare milestone in tech (Recode; 27 July 2016)
  15. SpaceX Rocket Sends A New Door To Space Station (NPR, 18 July 2016)
  16. 5 Years After Shuttle, NASA Awaits Commercial Crew Capsules (VOAnews , 20 July 2016)
  17. A Crowd-sourced List of Google Cardboard Apps & Videos (via @rmbyrne)
  18. Prisma App for iPhone (example of Glacier NP photo turned to art)
  19. Jason uses Prisma
  20. Viewmaster VR Headset
  21. DNC 360 Panoramic Video on YouTube

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