EdTechSR Ep 247 Goodbye FLoC

Welcome to episode 247 (“Goodbye FLoC”) of the EdTech Situation Room from January 26, 2022, where technology news meets educational analysis. This week Jason Neiffer (@techsavvyteach) and Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) discussed news about Microsoft, privacy, Google, the “Technology Correction,” security, media literacy, and everyone’s favorite topic, “miscellaneous.” Geeks of the Week included an option to receive updates for “expired Chromebooks” (CloudReady) and the Clarksville free Saturday online conference on January 29, 2022. Our show was live streamed and archived simultaneously on YouTube Live as well as our Facebook Live page via StreamYard.com, and compressed to a smaller video version (about 100MB) on AmazonS3 using Handbrake software. Please follow us on Twitter @edtechSR for updates, and join us LIVE on Wednesday nights (normally) if you can at 10 pm Eastern / 9 pm Central / 8 pm Mountain / 7 pm Pacific or 3 am UTC. All shownotes are available on http://edtechSR.com/links. Please sign up for our NEW SubStack newsletter to receive all our show links each week in your inbox, including links we are not able to discuss on edtechsr.substack.com. Stay savvy and safe!


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  7. Jason Neiffer (@techsavvyteach) – blog: blog.ncce.org
  8. Wes Fryer (@wfryer) – wesfryer.com/after
  9. Windows 11 SE laptops arrive to take on Chromebooks in schools (The Verge; 18 January 2022)
  10. Google abandons FLoC, introduces Topics API to replace tracking cookies (The Verge; 25 January 2022)
  11. IRS Will Soon Require Selfies for Online Access (Krebs on Security, 19 Jan 2022)
  12. IRS Will Require Facial Recognition Scans to Access Your Taxes Online (Gizmodo, 19 Jan 2022)
  13. ID.me does use facial recognition to match against databases, CEO admits (Verge, 26 Jan 2022)
  14. The Old Internet Shows Signs of Quietly Coming Back (Cheapskate’s Guide; 24 January 2022)
  15. Should bad science be censored on social media? (BBC News; 19 January 2022)
  16. One Year After the Jan. 6 Attack, Parler’s CEO Grapples With Big Tech and Trump (NYTimes Kara Swisher, 6 Jan 2022)
  17. OAN panics as DirecTV drops network, asks viewers to find “dirt” on AT&T chairman (ArsTechnica, 20 Jan 2022)
  18. Google Docs now lets you create ‘Confidential,’ ‘Draft,’ and other text watermarks (9 to 5 Google; 24 January 2022)
  19. Adaptive Charging will extend your Chromebook’s longterm battery life – coming soon to Chrome OS (9 to 5 Google; 24 January 2022)
  20. Google requiring all ‘G Suite legacy free edition’ users to start paying for Workspace this year (9 to 5 Google; 19 January 2022)
  21. NFT art sales are booming. Just without some artists’ permission. (NBC News, 10 Jan 2022)
  22. To my surprise and elation, the Webb Space Telescope is really going to work (ArsTechnica, 25 Jan 2022)
  23. Jason’s Geek of the Week: Get updates on your “expired” Chromebook
  24. Wes’ Geek of the Week: Clarksville EdTech Conference, January 29, 2022 (free)
Episode 247 of the EdTech Situation Room

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