EdTechSR Ep 229 Podcast Platform Agnostics

Welcome to episode 229 (“Podcast Platform Agnostics”) of the EdTech Situation Room from August 25, 2021, where technology news meets educational analysis. This week Jason Neiffer (@techsavvyteach) and Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) discussed back-to-school technology smart buys, tips for Windows 11 users wanting to do a clean install or switch default browsers, and Microsoft’s push to Office web apps over Android apps for ChromeOS users. On the Google front, we highlighted the upcoming requirement for 2FA for monetizing YouTube creators, Google Meets new mic echo warning feature, the rather incredible income of YouTube creators over the past 3 years ($30 billion), and the superb recent video from Derek Muller (@veritasium) “Clickbait is Unreasonably Effective.” On the Apple front, the launch of the “#MadeOniPad” challenges campaign, and a ridiculously expensive Steve Jobs signed Apple II manual were discussed. The demise of Joe Rogan’s podcasting influence (relatively speaking) since he went exclusive on the Spotify platform, the threat of “SIM swaps” on TMobile due to the recently released hack, more on what TMobile customers can and likely should do in response to the hack (including signing up for TMobile’s free “Account Takeover Protection Service”) were topics rounding out the show. Geeks of the Week included a clever YouTube video about Section 230 protections for the tech platforms (mainly Facebook), free streaming of “The Social Dilemma” documentary on YouTube through the end of September, and Common Sense Media Education. Please see our shownotes for links to all these articles and resources! Our show was live streamed and archived simultaneously on YouTube Live as well as our Facebook Live page via StreamYard.com, and compressed to a smaller video version (about 100MB) on AmazonS3 using Handbrake software. Please follow us on Twitter @edtechSR for updates, and join us LIVE on Wednesday nights (normally) if you can at 10 pm Eastern / 9 pm Central / 8 pm Mountain / 7 pm Pacific or 3 am UTC. All shownotes are available on http://edtechSR.com/links. Stay savvy and safe!


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  6. Jason Neiffer (@techsavvyteach) – blog: blog.ncce.org
  7. Wes Fryer (@wfryer) – wesfryer.com/after
  8. 7 of the Best Lower-Cost Tech Essentials for Broke College Students (LifeHacker; 17 August 2021)
  9. Windows 11 Insider Preview ISO download is out: Here’s how to do a clean install of Microsoft’s new OS (PC Gamer; 20 August 2021)
  10. Windows 11 Will Make It Harder To Switch Default Browsers (Geeky Gadgets; 20 August 2021)
  11. Microsoft wants Chrome OS users running Office web apps, not Android apps (The Verge; 25 August 2021)
  12. YouTube will force creators to use 2-step verification on Google accounts starting this year (9 to 5 Google; 24 August 2021)
  13. Google Meet now warns when your device is causing an echo (9 to 5 Google; 23 August 2021)
  14. YouTube’s monetization program now has 2 million creators, paid $30 billion over last three years (9 to 5 Google; 23 August 2021)
  15. VIDEO: “Clickbait is Unreasonably Effective” by @veritasium
  16. Apple Education launches #MadeOniPad challenges (9 to 5 Mac; 23 August 2021)
  17. Steve Jobs’ signed Apple II manual fetches $787k at auction, business card sells for $13k (9 to 5 Mac; 20 August 2021)
  18. Joe Rogan, Confined To Spotify, Is Losing Influence (The Verge; 25 August 2021)
  19. SIM-Swap: What Is It and What Does It Have to Do With the T-Mobile Breach? (Tag24, 24 Aug 2021)
  20. T-Mobile data breach and SIM-swap scam: How to protect your identity (CNET, 22 Aug 2021)
  21. Hackers stole millions of Social Security numbers from T-Mobile. What should you do? (Los Angeles Times, 18 Aug 2021)
  22. T-Mobile’s Account Takeover Protection service
  23. Wes’ Geeks of the Week: Video: Section 230 Song With Lyrics – The Good Fight S05E03 (The Engineer’s Perspective) – The Social Dilemma documentary free on YouTube through Sept 30th
  24. Jason’s Geek of the Week: Common Sense Education

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