EdTech Situation Room Episode 112

Welcome to episode 112 of the EdTech Situation Room from October 24, 2018, where technology news meets educational analysis. This week Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) and special guest Jennifer Carey (@thejencarey) discussed the past week’s technology news through an educational lens. Co-host Jason Neiffer (@techsavvyteach) was on special assignment. Topics highlighted in this week’s show included data privacy, the “hackability” of the human mind, the recent FBI warning on student data privacy, and Tim Cook’s recent criticism of Silicon Valley over privacy. Additional topics included a U.S. cyberoperation against Russia aimed at protecting U.S. elections, the book “Algorithms of Oppression” by Safiya Umoja Noble, and fake news surrounding the death of Jamal Khashoggi. Geeks of the week included CoSpaces Edu, “PD in the Privy” by Cyndi Kuhn, Digital Citizenship presentations for students by Wes, and tips from the Family Online Safety Institute for cleaning up your digital footprint. Check out our shownotes on edtechSR.com/links. Please follow us on Twitter @edtechSR for updates, and join us LIVE on Wednesday nights if you can (normally) at 10 pm Eastern / 9 pm Central / 8 pm Mountain / 7 pm Pacific or 3 am UTC. Note we will not have a show next week on Halloween, but will be back on November 7th with special guest, Jason Kern!


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  6. Jennifer Carey (@thejencarey) – blog: indianajen.com
  7. Wes Fryer (@wfryer) – blog: speedofcreativity.org
  8. When Tech Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself (Wired, 4 Oct 2018)
  9. VIDEO version: How Humans Get Hacked: Yuval Noah Harari & Tristan Harris Talk with WIRED (@harari_yuval & @tristanharris)
  10. FBI Warning on Educational Technology and Student Data Security (FBI 13 Sept 2018)
  11. Google is Teaching Children how to Behave Online. Is it the best Role Model? (New York Times, 23 Oct 2018)
  12. Tim Cook Blasts Silicon Valley over Privacy (Washington Post, 24 Oct 2018)
  13. U.S. Begins First Cyberoperation Against Russia Aimed at Protecting Elections (NYimes, 23 Oct 2018)
  14. Algorithms of Oppression by Safiya Umoja Noble (@safiyanoble)
  15. Fake news, phony facts: Some of the things the media got wrong on Khashoggi (Arab News, 15 Oct 2018)
  16. Why Apple Watch link to Jamal Khashoggi ‘killing’ is unlikely (BBC, 14 Oct 2018)
  17. “Don’t Mourn Kashoggi” Inside the Feverish Cesspool of the Pro-Saudi Right (Vanity Fair Oc 2018)
  18. Jen’s Geek of the Week: CoSpaces Edu
  19. Wes’ Geeks of the Week: “PD in the Privy” by @cyndidannerkuhn, Presentations on Digital Citizenship for Studentsand Clean Up Your Digital Footprint by @FOSI

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Please!” (CC BY 2.0) by hyku

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