EdTech Situation Room Episode 82

Welcome to episode 82 of the EdTech Situation Room from January 17, 2018, where technology news meets educational analysis. This week Jason Neiffer (@techsavvyteach) and Wes Fryer (@wfryer) discussed upcoming changes to the Facebook news feed, the performance impact of software patches for Meltdown and Spectre, our human tendency to anthropomorphize technologies, and new highlights from CES 2018. Geeks of the week included Google’s Art App (Jason), the Microsoft Launcher for Android and the YouTube Safety Center (Wes). Check out all our links and shownotes, including many articles we didn’t have time to address in this week’s show, on http://edtechSR.com/links – Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/edtechSR to stay up to date on upcoming shows. Please consider leaving us a review on iTunes and anywhere else you find us! Remember you can listen to our latest episode on Google Home by simply saying, “Hey Google, play the latest episode of The EdTech Situation Room podcast!”


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  6. Jason Neiffer (@techsavvyteach) – blog: blog.ncce.org
  7. Wes Fryer (@wfryer) – blog: speedofcreativity.org
  8. One Website’s Facebook Apocalypse Is Another’s Opportunity to Shine (Wall Street Journal, 12 Jan 2018)
  9. Facebook’s Adam Mosseri On Why You’ll See Less Video, More From Friends (Wired, 13 Jan 2018)
  10. Facebook is done with quality journalism. Deal with it. (The Monday Note, 15 Jan 2018)
  11. Google Chrome extensions with 500,000 downloads found to be malicious (ArsTechnica, 16 Jan 2018)
  12. Here’s how much the Meltdown and Spectre fix hurt my Surface Book performance (PC World, 13 January 2018)
  13. Meltdown, Spectre, and CloudReady (Neverware blog, 9 January 2018)
  14. Have you experienced Google Home- or Chromecast-related Wi-Fi outages? [Poll] (9 to 5 Google, 16 January 2018)
  15. [Update] Google’s Chromecast and Home devices can cause temporary Wi-Fi outages, here’s why (9 to 5 Google, 15 January 2018)
  16. Could You Kill a Robot? Can Robots Teach Us What It Means To Be Human? (NPR Hidden Brain, 10 July 2017)
  17. Another country has banned boiling live lobsters. Some scientists wonder why. (Washington Post, 13 Jan 2018)
  18. I used the Google Pixelbook as my only laptop at CES – and it completely converted me (Android Police, 16 January 2018)
  19. Razer & Project Linda: A Glimpse of What Chrome OS and Android Could Be (Chrome Unboxed, 16 January 2018)
  20. Extensity Extension for Chrome
  21. Jason’s Geek of the Week: Google Arts & Culture for iOS and for Android
  22. Google’s art app is now top of iOS and Android download charts thanks to its viral selfies (Verge, 17 January 2018)
  23. People love Google’s new feature that matches your selfie to a famous painting (Verge, 14 January 2018)
  24. Wes’ Geeks of the Week: YouTube Safety Center and Microsoft Launcher for Android (h/t @tommy_snider)

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