EdTech Situation Room Episode 1

Our first official show! Hosts Jason Neiffer (@techsavvyteach) and Wes Fryer (@wfryer) met in “The EdTech Situation Room” on January 27, 2016, and discussed current news and trends in educational technology. Building on the fun of “The EdTech Year in Review” podcasts from 2014 and 2015, The EdTech Situation Room is a regular web show and podcast Jason and Wes are starting in 2016. Your feedback and input is welcomed! In future episodes we will be inviting guests to join us. In this show we discussed Microsoft’s acquisition of MinecraftEDU, Apple’s declining iPad sales, the future of Google Hangouts and Google Plus, and shared a handy iPad tripod mount as well as fantastic other podcast recommendation to check out as our “geek of the week” links.


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  5. Wes’ STEM Curiosity Links from 2014-15
  6. Microsoft acquires MinecraftEdu, announces a new Minecraft edition for schools (VentureBeat)
  7. Is this the beginning of the end of the iPad? Apple sees iPhone sales grow just 0.4% to 74.8 million in Q1 2016, iPad sales decline 25% (VentureBeat)
  8. Google really needs to figure out what it wants Hangouts to be (TheNextWeb)
  9. Peggo.co (download YouTube videos offline, as audio or video – used for this audio podcast version!)
  10. Bridging the Bio-Electronic Divide (DARPA)
  11. The Pentagon’s Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA, America’s Top-Secret Military Research Agency by Annie Jacobsen (@AnnieJacobsen)
  12. iPow iPad Tripod Mount ($9) – Wes’ Geek of the Week / web pick
  13. Note to Self Podcast – Jason’s Geek of the Week / web pick
  14. EdTech Year in Review 2015
  15. EdTech Year in Review 2014

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