EdTech Situation Room Episode 91

Welcome to episode 91 of the EdTech Situation Room from April 4, 2018, where technology news meets educational analysis. This week special guests Alice Barr (@alicebarr) and Cheryl Oakes (@cheryloakes50) along with host Wes Fryer (@wfryer) discussed the accessibility Chrome extension Plazma, the “Teach Wonder” robotics and PD program from Wonder Workshop, and Ripple’s amazing fund of all DonorsChoose classroom projects recently. Additional topics included iOS 11.3’s battery problems, Apple’s new hire to improve Siri’s AI abilities, favorite uses of smart assistants (Madame A and the Google Home Mini), and new DNS projects speeding up Internet access and improving security. New developments in the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica story were also highlighted. Geeks of the week included BusyKid, ClaroRead Chrome Extension, and 12 Augmented Reality Tools for Schools. Follow us on Twitter on @edtechSR for updates!


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  7. Cheryl Oakes (@cheryloakes50) – blog: cheryloakes.com
  8. Wes Fryer (@wfryer) – blog: speedofcreativity.org
  9. In honor of Autism Month: Plazma (a sensory app on Chrome extension as well (oh now, people will try it and stop listening!), free, like a lava lamp)
  10. ACTEM has teamed up with Teach Wonder (Robotics and teacher professional development)
  11. How to Get $29 Million for Classroom Projects? Just Ask (NYTimes, 20 March 2018)
  12. Apple iOS 11.3 Release Has Five Nasty Surprises (Forbes, 3 April 2018)
  13. Apple hires Google’s former AI boss to help improve Siri (Verge, 3 April 2018)
  14. DNS Resolvers Performance Compared: CloudFlare x Google x Quad9 x OpenDNS (Linux.com, 3 April 2018)
  15. Cloudflare launches DNS service that will speed up your internet (Verge, 1 April 2018)
  16. New “Quad9” DNS service blocks malicious domains for everyone (ArsTechnica, 16 Nov 2017)
  17. Facebook Says Cambridge Analytica Harvested Data of Up to 87 Million Users
  18. Facebook Collected Your Android Call History and SMS Data For Years (Hacker News, 25 March 2018)
  19. Here’s how to download all your data from Facebook. It might be a wake-up call. (Washington Post, 27 March 2018)
  20. How to download a copy of everything Google knows about you (CNBC, 30 March 2018)
  21. Dave Perloff – Perloff Family Foundation  (generous donor for #STEM and #MakerEd projects in Maine classrooms)
  22. Merge Cube Object Viewer
  23. Family Online Safety Institute (@FOSI)
  24. Apple will replace old iPhone batteries, regardless of diagnostic test results (Verge, 2 Jan 2018)
  25. Upload VR News (@uploadvr)
  26. Apple’s new augmented reality kit makes Minecraft look magical in AR (TNW, 27 June 2017)
  27. Google Expeditions AR Pioneer Program FAQs
  28. Wes’ Geek of the Week: BusyKid: Allowance Chores – Kids Chore Chart App via Tech News Weekly Episode 25 (@technews_weekly)
  29. Cheryl’s Geek of the Week:  ClaroRead Chrome Extension (extension in Chrome) Web based, PDF  FREE, with option to upgrade.
  30. Alice’s Geek of the Week: 12 Augmented reality Apps Schools can use today